Our Vision, Mission, and Values

PAM has developed the following
to guide their pretrial improvement work:


A system that promotes fairness and equity throughout the pretrial justice system, and balances concern for community safety, concern for victims, and meeting the needs of the justice-involved person.


To ensure the fair administration of pretrial justice, enhance community safety, and reduce the likelihood of failure to appear or pretrial rearrest by developing a continuum of evidence-informed pretrial justice options.


Compassion: A system that has compassion for victims, for defendants, and for the concerns and values of the community.

Transparency and clarity: A written, structured process that can be understood by affected individuals and members of the public.

Efficiency: A process that balances the necessity of speedy decisions with deliberate consideration of risks and mitigating factors.

Liberty: Pretrial liberty is the norm and incarceration is the exception.

What is the Pretrial Alliance of
Montgomery, AL?

In 2019, Montgomery County was selected as a Research-Action Site to participate in the Advancing Pretrial Policy and Research (APPR) initiative. This led to the formation of the Pretrial Alliance of Montgomery, Alabama (PAM). PAM has brought together stakeholders from across Montgomery County who are working—together–to identify how we can improve our pretrial system in ways that maximize court appearance and pretrial release while maintaining community safety and working to eliminate disparities in pretrial policies and practices.

APPR Montgomery Policy Team

15th Judicial Circuit (Lead Agency)

  • Johnny Hardwick, Presiding Circuit Judge
  • Gina Ishman, Circuit Clerk

15th Judicial Circuit Office of the Public Defenders

  • Aylia McKee, Chief Public Defender
  • Trina Williams, Deputy Public Defender

Aid to Inmate Mothers

  • Deborah Neal, Reentry Specialist

Alabama Appleseed Center for Law & Justice

  • Leah Nelson, Research Director

Alabama Forward

  • Evan Milligan, Executive Director

Alabama State University

  • Lois G. Russell, Vice President/Marketing & Strategic Communications
  • Kenneth Mullinax Jr., Director of Media Relations/Spokesman

Auburn University at Montgomery

  • Breuna Baine, Associate Professor

Community Member

  • Dr. Jay C. Coleman

Equal Justice Initiative

  • Alicia D’Addario, Senior Attorney

Metropolitan United Methodist Church

  • Richard Williams, Lead Pastor

Montgomery Bail Out

  • Ashley Edwards, Volunteer Organizer

Montgomery County Community Corrections

  • Phil Bryant, Director

Montgomery County District Court

  • Monet Gaines, District Judge
  • Pamela R. Higgins, District Judge
  • Tiffany B. McCord, District Judge

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

  • Sonja Pritchett, Colonel, Jail Administrator

Montgomery Pride United – The Bayard Rustin Community Center

  • Meta Ellis

Montgomery Police Department

  • Zedrick L. Dean, Chief of Staff

Southern Poverty Law Center

  • Micah West, Senior Attorney

APPR Montgomery Training and Technical Assistance Team

Center for Effective Public Policy and Advancing Pretrial Policy & Research

  • Kelvin L. Banks, Senior Manager
  • Holly Ziemer, Communications Director

Applied Research Services

  • John Speir
  • Sharon Johnson

Center for Court Innovation

  • Jennifer Tallon
  • Lisa Vavonese, Esq.